Your dog offers you an opportunity learn by practice the nitty-gritty of raising a well-fed, properly trained dog. It is also likely to alter your preconceived ideas about dogs, and perhaps it can help overcome your fears.

In this article we tackle the subject of what is my dog food, and expert’s guide to dog health matters.

Experts’ Guide To The Right Kind Of Food Your Lovely Pooch

As part of new-born dog puppy care all puppies should be dewormed. Feed only good dog food. First dog puppy care means feeding your first dog – proper and good quality dog food. Reason for this is: your puppy gets only one chance to develop a strong healthy body.

It has a rapid rate of growth hence it’s important for the puppy to get a properly balanced diet that meets all its nutritional requirements. There are many brands of food available on the market nowadays. Cheap brands are often cereal-based and less suitable for puppies and growing dogs.

Which Kind Of Food Should I Give To My Dog?

Do not feed any human food. Pet lovers’ especially dog owners should not feed any human food (particularly void ‘human treat’ like chocolate) as it is not an appropriate diet for animals and is associated with obesity in adulthood. Develop good eating habits. Dog experts recommends that puppies be fed two – four meals daily, depending on its age.

You shall put down the food for 10 minutes at the same times every day, and then remove what is left. This will help develop good eating habits, help with toilet training and help your puppy gain a healthier weight. It is advantageous to remove your puppy during food preparation and meal time, especially if there are small children in the household. This stops begging, and is more hygienic. It also reduces the risks of obesity in adulthood.

We have covered an introduction to dog food for your four-legged friend including expert advice on the necessity of deworming as the first step achieve in achieving proper dog and puppy care. And don`t forget: “Feed only good dog food and do not feed any human food!”

So, just browse through the chart beside and choose the best dog food for your needs. You can click on any individual food guide from different experts to read more about them.

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