Dog-Training-Online is the site where Dove Creswell – picture above with a sweet dog to train – (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), trainer and dog lover shares his valuable experience (since 2005 more than 5000 dogs trained online) and insight with the viewers. A dog trainer should know things before he embarks on to one such job. In fact the training is supposed to work for all types and breeds of dogs. The training method is reliable and effective and based on correct training postures combined with voice commands.



  • Potty training (Dog Potty Training may seem like a daunting task, but is much easier than it seems),


  • Crate training (A crate is a valuable and useful training tool and Dove Cresswell is going to explain exactly how to do it),


  • Dog obedience training (How many times have you tried to teach your puppy or dog to obey the „wait“ command, only to discover that your dog doesn’t want to „wait“?)



  • Biting (Being the owner of a pooch which likes to bite is a serious issue. No question – Dove Cresswell helps you with such kind of topic also!)


  • Barking (Barking although an instinct and an everyday occurrence for your dog is not always appropriate. She shows you very humane ways to end the excessive barking!)


  • And walking politely on a least are all offered with step by step guide on dog’s behavior to – to name a few.


Over 50 video lessons are available to learn your best friend good behavior. A fascinating offer by the site is that you can watch a free video on dog topics before you intent to buy it!