When you have decided that you are going to grow a dog at your home, and then surely you should know how to take the first dog care at all times. Also you should know whom to contact when the dog is injured or feeling sick. You must first think about all the good and bad things before buying a dog. After that all the necessary equipments should be purchased for a dog. Also you should also be aware on how to take care of your dogs.

Take Care Of Your “Best Friend”

A proper training should be given to your dog on how to behave with the family members and others. Once when the first dog is injured or suffering from illness, it is your main duty to take care of the dog. If you already own a dog and know what is the first aid that is to be given to a dog when injured then you can go ahead with it. If you are the first owner of the dog, then no problem you can go to a veterinary doctor who takes care of all pet animals. Timely treatment should be given to your dogs at regular intervals.


Also you must get to know other details like vaccination details for dogs and what is the interval for each vaccination. Also it will be good if you take your dog for regular health check up to just check whether your first dog puppy is in good healthy condition. Also few doctors or in few training camps they teach the dog owners on how to give first aid treatment to the dogs when required. Such classes will be taken at free of cost or few places will charge for the same. The charge for such classes will be of nominal rate only. Apart from this you can also own an emergency kit with yourself so that you can use it when needed in emergency cases.

You should be very much aware of the veterinarians who are available in and around your city. So that in case of emergency you can approach them with your injured dog. The first aid treatment is nothing but just helping the dog to bear the pain immediately. But whatever the injury is, it can be either minor or major, you should take the dog to a professional only then it is safe for the dog. By knowing the veterinarians available nearby your home and city, it will be easy for your dog to get recovered sooner from pain.

Health Is Wealth

Also to check whether your first dog health is good, you must have a thorough check on its daily intake. The dog must have its food regularly at correct interval and also the same quantity of food should be taken at all times. If you feel the difference, then surely the dog is not keeping well. You will have to take the dog to the professional veterinarian for a check up. Also keep the first dog clean. Clean its shelter on a regular basis so that there will be no insects in its shelter. You should bath the dog in very short interval of time and that too regularly. Only then you dog will be neat and clean without any disease.