For most things in life, advice to be had is aplenty. The real test comes only when one experiences anything for the first time. It is then that one discovers the vast differences between theory and practical lessons.

Depression In Mothers Of Newborns

The same scenario applies to the dog owner for the first time. He may have heard many experienced people, read a book or two, but the reality bites come only with the arrival of the first dog. There is excitement before his arrival and on his arrival too. Soon after his arrival, when the euphoria of having a new dog fades, reality sets in. This reality is similar to postpartum depression in mothers of newborns. The endless routine of feeding and cleaning are likely to drive one nut, unless he had set his mind to do it all patiently and cleanly. One must also have it decided in his head not to lose his cool.



Tips And Advice Concerning Food

The first dog puppy ought to be fed very carefully. Milk is his primary food like any baby, and having been taken away from his mother so abruptly, he is likely to feel lonely and will cuddle with the owner more, if there be a lady of the house. Owners ought to recognize the fact that while any dog will obey its male master, his affection and devotion are more explicitly displayed to the female mistress rather than the male master! One needn’t feel jealous about this – it is simply their way of fitting into the family unit. These days, many single people have dogs for pets and hence they may not notice this canine behavior.

The first dog food–the pup, ought to be diluted milk. Given in small portions of 200 ml, his food is spread throughout the day with an interval of three hours between two feeds. At night he can have a slightly larger portion, say 350ml, as this helps him sleep longer. One must realize that these measures of food aren’t standards by which all dogs ought to be treated, but simply general guidelines. Dogs are just as individualistic as babies are. They tend to get hungry as soon as they pee, just like babies. Vitamin supplements can be added to it. And one will often find that the vitamin supplements for the dog most often contain the same components as a small child’s supplement would. In case of emergencies, the child’s supplement can be used for the dog. After 3 weeks, one can introduce him slowly to semi-solids. These semi solids must not be heavy food. If one is giving him meat, one must make sure that it is cooked well and preferably, extra tender. This enables the pup to bite his food.

Care should be taken to see that the first dog is vaccinated properly. The inoculation sheet can be obtained from veterinary clinics and one must follow the rules given in them. One ought to be correct in following the schedule on the chart to prevent many of the dog diseases through which in some cases the very human life a dog instinctively protects is jeopardized.