Dogs love playing. It is your job as the first dog owner to ensure that he/she has the correct first dog toys, right dog food, right dog training and right shelter. In this series, we cover what toys you will need and why. Firstly, let’s focus on which toys are dangerous to the well-being of your first dog puppy care.


What are Dangerous Toys for My First Dog?

Your first dog advice, experts’ say: never let your puppy play with anything that is not meant for dogs. Animals experts’ including those based at see FIDO Care warn of toys made of metal or painted toys – cautioning that these are toxic for your first dog puppy care project. Metal toys can cut the puppy’s mouth, gums and even its tongue amongst other dangers. While wooden dog toys have a tendency to splinter and get stuck in the puppy’s throat.

What are the Right Toys for My First Dog?

The rule of thumb for good first dogs toys are those made according to the puppy’s age, breed, safety and need. According to the Dog Academy, a quality dog toy serves more than one purpose. Dog toys should engage, entertain and challenge your dog to ward off boredom with healthy and positive activities. Generic toy dog types that are good for both first dog and first adult dog’s care and play are: Rubber dog toys, Kong, Vinyl dog toys, Plush dog toys, Rope dog toys, Rawhide chews and bones and Bone-Hard Toys & Chews. The most innovative dog toy is the Kong, at least according to the largest US animal care organisation ASPCA. Kong is a nontoxic, dishwasher-safe rubber toy with a hollow center. When stuffed with food, it provides dogs with a healthy outlet for their natural desire to chew and lick.

Can I Clean Dog Toys with Bleach?

ASPCA says just like any chemical, natural or man-made, bleach can be harmful if used inappropriately or if exposure to a large enough concentration occurs. Because of this, they say it is important to follow instructions for use in order to avoid damage to what you are cleaning, and to ensure that a potentially harmful exposure does not occur. The bottom line is this: disinfect your non-porous dog toys with a properly diluted bleach solution, followed by a thorough rinsing and airing out to remove any residue this process would not be expected to cause harm to your first dog puppy care pet project. You can use an alternative tactics without the potential for harsh fumes or simply use hot water along with a mild liquid dish soap product to clean your dog’s toys. Every care needs to be taken when purchasing dog toys as you would do when choosing a correct first dog advice, first dog food, and first dog training programme.